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Cyberpunk as a warning

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A lot of readers have questions about human enhancement, biohacking, new technologies, innovation and other topics. As an experiment I will start this month with a Q&A video. I will post this video on my YouTube Channel!

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🔮 Deep Dive

with Asian nations flipping the table and turning the previously colonized into the colonizers" - Wired

I am working on an article (and video) about the computer game Cyberpunk 2077. Since films such as Blade Runner and books such as Neuromancer, I love the cyberpunk genre: a dark future with powerful companies, neon lights in the rain and imaginative implants.

This piece in Wired is about the origins of the cyberpunk genre. To my great surprise, it is partly due to the Second World War. In the United States and Europe, there were fears about Asian dominance through technology.

The stories (and the Cyberpunk 2077 game, for that matter) are also a warning: technological progress does not necessarily lead to a higher quality of life. Powerful companies, governments, and military organizations can also use it to oppress humanity.

Anyway, curious about my opinion about the game Cyberpunk 2077 as a biohacker? I will share the article in the next newsletter!

🤖 Short Bites

🎬 Recently some new videos appeared on my YouTube channel:
  • In the video 'What is human genetic enhancement?' I will tell you in 18 minutes about CRISPR in human beings, the Chinese babies and ethical dilemmas; 
  • A review of the book The Ethics of Human Enhancement (16 minutes);
  • An interview with Liviu Babitz, the CEO of Cyborg Nest (23 minutes).

🚀 For a few weeks now I have been hooked on the science fiction trilogy Remembrance of Earth's Past by Chinese author Cixin Liu. Why is this genre on the rise in (and outside) China? Answer: ideas for technological innovation and cultural influence. Good explanation on Factor Daily.

👍 My source of inspiration Tim Ferriss (author and podcaster) has returned to his earlier beliefs. In this interview at GQ, he admits he no longer focuses on maximum productivity. His new measuring points: how do I feel when I wake up and how easily do I fall asleep?

📚 My publisher Evert recommended Stephen Fry's book Mythos. While reading it, it was as if master storyteller Fry was telling me the special Greek myths himself.

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