Apple's plans with smart glasses, genetically engineered supersoldiers, Google invests in remarkable tattoo's, interesting media tips, and more.

Apple turns us into Cyborgs

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First of all, a happy new year! I really hope that 2021 will be a better year than 2020.

'Never waste a good crisis' is a popular statement. Sometimes I was dejected, but when I looked back on last year around the holidays, I also realized the advantages and growth for me as a self-employed person.

Here they are, in no particular order:
  • More webinars instead of lectures on location, and it was more fun than I expected;
  • Assignments for renowned clients such as the (Dutch) National Health Care Institute, the Biohackers Assemble, and the MIT Sloan Conference.
  • More consultancy and other forms of work, such as advice on human enhancement and augmentation for companies and institutions, being an expert in a panel discussion and moderator at events;
  • More focus on English videos, like the latest episodes on biohacking and superhumans.

And now, enjoy the latest news about human enhancement and biohacking.

– Peter Joosten MSc.

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🔮 Deep Dive

"Part human, part machine: is Apple turning us all into cyborgs?

A look at Apple's plans in the Guardian. After computers, laptops and smartphones, the last major product innovation has been the Apple Watch. But what comes next?

Based on statements by Tim Cook from 2019, filed patents of the company and conversations with insiders, this is the expectation: smart glasses with augmented reality. Code names: N301 and N421.

Compared to smartphones, this raises many more questions: what will Apple do with those images, do we have enough willpower to take off such glasses and can we even live without it at some point?

🤖 Short Bites

🧬 It seems like science fiction, but it is rumored that the Chinese military has tested genetic modification on its soldiers to turn them into supersoldiers.

💉 Google invests in tattoos that will allow you to operate technology in the future. The goal according to the researchers at the University of Saarland is to create a natural interface with technology. Thanks Sabine Winters for the tip!

📚 I read the book The Ethics of Human Enhancement by Julian Savulescu, Steve Clark and many more. It's a dense book with contributions by scholars about different aspects of human enhancement ethics. Must read if you are researching this domain.

🎬 I will make a video about this book on my Youtube Channel soon, so subscribe and stay tuned!

📕 Sometimes I feel a bit hesitant to share what I am working on, for example by sharing it more on social media. Good acquaintance Sam Warnaars recommended the book Show your work to me. Recommended for writers, makers and and other creatives!

🎬 The documentary Rising Phoenix on Netflix is about paralympic top athletes, the origin of the Paralympic Games and the prejudices about these athletes. But above all, it is a documentary about the power of technology and persistence. Goosebumps.

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