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Lessons from The Social Dilemma

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It is still to be seen how we can celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve here in the Netherlands, but the news about vaccines gives me some hope for next year.

Like I mentioned before, my plan is to make more videos, vlogs and explainer videos. It is a more creative endeavor and I like learning the new skills of filming, editing and streaming.

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🔮 Deep Dive

"Many of the examples [of] technology harming us has to do with us not seeing where the technology has manipulated our weaknesses.

Last week I gave a guest lecture at a high school in Bussum, the Netherlands. I told the pupils (age 14 and 15 years old) about biohacking and the future of the superhuman. A lot of fun!

They already saw the documentary The Social Dilemma on Netflix. It was nice to see that this made them think about the impact of technology on our lives. If technology companies treat us like products, how will it be when there is technology that affects us even more deeply as humans (such as biotechnology or implants).

I increasingly see the parallels between information technology and biotechnology. Not only in the impact it has on our lives, but also in what can go wrong. In this article on Forbes, one of the pioneer of synthetic biology, John Cumbers, talks about this with Tristan Harris (Center for Humane Technology). Worth reading.

🤖 Short Bites

🧬 At MIT Technology Review, Antonio Regaldo signals a striking change in this piece. Institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom do see genetic modification in embryos happen at some point, for example against sickle cell disease. I did not expect it (so soon).

💉 A remarkable publication by scientists at the University of Missouri (USA). With a pen you can draw a bio-electronic tattoo on your skin that can measure bodily functions. Say goodbye to your smartwatch!

📕 Victor Frankl's book Man's Searching for Meaning made a big impression on me. Frankl describes his survival in a concentration camp and how that forms the basis for the development of logotherapy (a form of existential analysis).

🎧 Stories in a podcast, I love them. This is also the case for the BBC's podcast The Missing Cryptoqueen. Elements: cryptocurrency, pyramid schemes, Russians and the maffia.

🎬 In the series Years and Years (also BBC) you follow a British family after Brexit until the mid-2030s. Nice way in which they show how developments such as artificial intelligence and human enhancement can affect our lives, next to climate change, politics, and other important issues.

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